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Thanks for your interest in the Blitzz Rec Program!

Hopefully, you find answers and information you need on this page.  If not, see below for contact details to direct further questions you might have  about the program.  We want to help!. 

1. Is Blitzz Rec for our family and our player(s)?

If these fit your world & goals, then Blitzz Rec is for you:

1. My player(s) are born in the years 2006-2016.
2. My player(s) wants to have fun more than anything else. And so do we.
3. We prioritize fun, carpool convenience, playing with friends on same team, and enjoying a happy sideline.
4. My player(s) are not currently interested in high-level competitive play.
5. We do want our player to grow his or her technical skills & gameplay to help them and us decide if we want more soccer in our lives.
6. Our family does not want to travel outside of the Gallatin Valley to play games.
7. We are not interested in win-loss records.

If you decided that Blitzz Rec is for you and your player (awesome), then read more!

2. When are the Rec seasons?

The program is offered 2x/year - Spring and Fall. 

The Spring season runs typically from mid-April to early June and the Fall season runs typically from mid-September to late October.

3. What are Spring 2020 Rec Season Dates & Details?

Registration Dates

Early Bird Registration: Now - Dec 31st (-$15.00 discount).
Normal Registration: Jan 1st - Mar 1st.
Late Registration: Mar 2nd -  April 1st (+$20.00 late fee)***

***If you register after April 1st, there is no guarantee that your player will be placed on a team and your registration will be put on a wait list for a case-case review by Blitzz staff.

Registration is done by birth year. If registration numbers allow we will do single birth year teams, but there may be instances where we have to combine 2 birth years and/or run co-ed teams to form adequate roster sizes).

Season Dates & Locations

  • Coaches Training/Meeting & Ref Clinic on Sunday, April 5th, 1:00-3:00PM at Bronken/Petra.
  • Practices start the week of April 13th.
  • On-line game schedule published on April 13th.
  • Sunday games are April 19th, 26th, May 3rd, 10th, 17th, and May 31st.
  • Games will be played at the new Bozeman Sports Park (4600 Baxter Ln) and Adam Bronken Soccer Complex (4195 Durston Rd).
  • Blitzz Rec Academy Pro Sessions (6 sessions) dates/location are:
    •  Bozeman Sports Park
    • Dates: Wednesdays, April 22nd, 29th, May 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th
    • Time: 5:00PM-5:45PM
  • Camp Sessions (3 sessions) for Blitzz Rec Youngers dates/location are:
    • Bozeman Sports Park
    • Dates: Tuesdays, May 5th, 12th and 19th
    • Time:5:00-5:45PM

4. How does Blitzz Rec organize the Spring 2020 Blitzz Rec age groups?

Beginning in Fall 2019, Blitzz Rec approaches the ages in 3 groups and designs the soccer experience for best fit with each group:

Blitzz Rec Youngers - ages 4-6 (birth years 2014-2016)
Blitzz Rec Academy - ages 7-8  (birth years 2012-2013)
Olders - ages 9-14 (birth years 2006-2011)

Blitzz Rec Youngers Program

For the Youngers, Blitzz FC follows methods designed by US Soccer that are shown to help young kids learn the game of soccer as well as help them develop as individuals through small-sided games (4v4).  A few benefits to small-sided games are: 

• More time to create more opportunities for learning and skill development.
• Games and practice help develop confidence, creativity, problem-solving, and soccer skills.
• More involvement in the play means more fun! 

In addition, the Blitzz Rec Youngers are offered 3 camp sessions from Blitzz FC staff during the season (as part of your registration fee) and exposes the players/volunteer parent-coaches to training & techniques.  These camp sessions are designed to supplement the weekly training sessions led by the volunteer parent-coach(es) for the team during the season.

Blitzz Rec Academy Program

In addition to a 6-game season of 7v7 youth-refereed games, we offer 6 weekly Pro Sessions to enhance the Blitzz Rec Academy players' experience.  The players in these birth years are at a critical phase in their skills development and transition towards elevated awareness of the complete game.  Blitzz FC, therefore, has designed these Pro Sessions to cultivate & develop key skills of these players to help successfully transition them to the next-level of competitive play.  The Pro Sessions are organized & led by Blitzz FC professional coaching staff.

5. What is the cost for Spring 2020 Blitzz Rec?

For all birth years, the cost is $112 per season.

What does the cost include?

1. 6 games/season on Sundays at a Bozeman-area field space supported with professional equipment & Blitzz info table.
2. A volunteer parent-coach(es) for each team to lead, organize, and support your players' soccer experience.
3. A minimum of 1 practice/week led by your volunteer parent-coach(es) that are supported by Blitzz with an equipment bag, background check, organization, and some training.
4. 6 weekly Pro Sessions from Blitzz FC professional staff for Blitzz Rec Academy players (2012-2013 birth years).
5. 3 weekly Camp Sessions from Blitzz FC professional staff for Blitzz Rec Younger players (2014-2016 birth years).
6. All Sunday games for Micro Academy and Olders divisions have a youth center-ref.  These youth refs are nominally paid and are learning how to referee, gain leadership experience, and refining critical communication skills.
7. US Youth Soccer affiliation and the required concussion protocol training of Blitzz staff and awareness that is shared across parent-coaches, youth refs, parents, and guardians to protect your players.

What does the cost NOT include?

The reversible Blitzz Rec jersey required on Sunday games is not included the registration cost.  The reversible jersey is purchased separately for approx $18 at Play it Again Sports (on-line or at retail location in Bozeman).  Order Blitzz Rec Jersey Online from Play it Again Sports Here!

We do offer a $5 discount on your registration (per player) if you already have a reversible jersey.  Just check the appropriate box during the registration process to get the discount!

6. How do I register my player(s) & volunteer for Spring 2020 Blitzz Rec?

To register, head to the top of this page to the 'Login/Register' option. Click on Register. If you already have an account (thank you!), and go through the registration process. If you do not already have an account (welcome to Blitzz!), you will need to create one and go through the registration process from there. During the registration you can elect to volunteer as a parent-coach or co-coach.  Simple!

We need Volunteer Parent-Coaches and Co-Coaches for Spring 2020!

The Blitzz FC Rec Program is fueled by a passionate network of volunteer parent-coaches.  Thank you!  We are grateful for the support and the commitment our volunteer coaches deliver to ensure a successful program for all involved.  In exchange for volunteering as a coach or co-coach, we offer a $100 discount for each team you volunteer coach or co-coach (max 2 teams) toward your next season's registration. 

Note that you do not need to be an experienced coach, played soccer before, etc.  We only require your passion.  We will set you up with tools and resources to succeed on behalf of your parents and players.  Finally, we often have more volunteers to coach or co-coach, so not all volunteers will find a team.  We will do our best and, in some cases, we may not be able to match you with a team.  Thanks for understanding!


To opt-in to our text-alert system for the Spring 2020 Blitzz Rec season, choose an option below to opt-in.  

Note that we will purge all emails/numbers from the system at the end of the season.
We will use this text-alert system FIRST to alert program participants of weather delays, cancellations, time changes, fields changes, lightning watch/warning/delay, lost and found, etc. This is a public text alert group. So, there is no keyword needed during the opt-in options below. Ignore, request for keyword (leave blank), if asked.

Opt-In Instructions to follow prior to start of season


youth center ref pool

Thanks for your interest!  Yes, Blitzz Rec nominally pays for youth center-refs for the Micro and Olders games.  This s a great opportunity to learn how to ref, build leadership skills, and support the Blitzz Rec community.

Email to learn how to become a part Blitzz Rec Ref Pool!

Other info I can read?

Yes!  Follow this link for more on our player development philosophy.  

US Soccer- Player Development Initiatives

Blitzz Coaches Guidelines-Rec

Blitzz Game Management Document Rec

I have more rec questions.

For more information, please email Brandan Hill at [email protected].  
Emails are normally answered within a 48 hour time period.

Thank you for your interest in the program and see you in the Spring!

Brandan Hill
Blitzz FC