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Blitzz Rec Soccer Overview

Blitzz FC Rec Soccer is our recreational soccer program for players that were born between 2013-1999. The youngers phase is for birth years 2013-2010. The olders phase is for birth years 2007-1999.  (for info on 2008 and 2009 birth years see the “Micro Academy tab”). Blitzz FC Rec Soccer – Youngers follows methods designed by US Soccer that are shown to help young kids learn the game of soccer as well as help them develop as individuals through small-sided games.  Some benefits to small-sided games are: • More ball touches creates more opportunities for learning and skill development • Games and practice help develop confidence, creativity, problem-solving, and soccer skills • More involvement in the play means more fun! We will be offering 3 Blitzz Pro Session days again this spring, where kids are welcome to come get a taste of professional coaching from licensed Blitzz coaches and play some soccer. 

Registration is done by birth year (if registration numbers allow we will do single birth year teams, but there may be instances where we have to combine 2 birth years to form adequate roster sizes).  US Soccer has mandated registration change from school grade to birth year by fall 2017. Blitzz FC decided in fall of 2016 to move all players into birth year groups.  Please review the attached link for more information.

Blitzz Rec Soccer – Olders (for those born in 1999-2007) Recreational soccer for those born in 2007 or older that are not interested in playing competitively. We now offer Recreational soccer up to those born in 1999.


Blitzz Rec Soccer- Youngers (for those born 2013-2010)         $100.00

Blitzz Rec Soccer-Olders (for those born 2007-1999)               $100.00

Team Formation Guidelines:
Formation Guidelines


Scholarship Application English
         Scholarship Application Spanish

Additional Resources:
US Soccer- Player Development Initiatives

For more information on our Recreational Soccer programs please email


Blitzz FC Recreational Soccer Information

Blitzz FC Recreational Soccer

A big thank you to all of the individuals that have already volunteered this season or are planning to! The Recreational program is run primarily by dedicated volunteers. These volunteers spend their time coaching, organizing activities, and working hard to make sure our fields are ready to go each Sunday. Please contact us at to help volunteer!
Reminders About Weather:
  • Snow: Games will be canceled in the event of snow covering the fields.
  • Lightning: In the case of lightning players will be asked to take cover. Games will not resume for 30-minutes after the last visible strike and it has been deemed safe to play once again.
  • Please check the Blitzz FC website and your email for all canceled games.
 Lost and Found: 
  • Please check the tent (on game days) for lost or missing items.
Thank you,
Blitzz FC 



The Spring 2018 game schedules will come out in early April of 2017.
-Games begin Sunday, April 22rd and go through Sunday, June 4th.
-No games on Sunday, May 28th (Memorial Day Weekend)

The parent volunteer coaches will set the practice days, times, and locations for their teams.
 -Rec practices will begin the week of April 9th, 2018


Studies have shown that recreational coaches have a significant impact on our children as they can teach values such as teamwork, good sportsmanship and doing your best.  Even if you have never coached before, we have numerous ways to make you a successful coach!  Some of the ways we can help you the coach be successful:


If you are interested in learning more contact: